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Claudia Hagn, our creative head, has been working successfully in international marketing, branding and sales for 25 years. She supports and advises medium-sized companies and groups in the textile industry worldwide in positioning and selling their products.



How it came about:


By founding her own design and development office "Hagn-Design" in 1996, she was right in the middle of the marketing topic from the very beginning, because she had the goal of working with textile companies worldwide to develop their fabric collections. This is not easy, as the industry is considered difficult. 


Nevertheless, the successful company launch worked straight away, as the graphic/textile designer was able to immediately communicate her broad expertise to the desired target group with the help of well thought-out marketing.


During the first 10 years of self-employment, she was repeatedly approached by larger and well-known companies asking her not only to develop their collections, but also to support them with marketing and sales. 


As a result, she also became the marketing and sales manager for several medium-sized companies. Here she carried out all marketing-related tasks from A to Z and also sold goods to major customers.

The German designer travelled a lot for her work and was constantly at trade fairs in London, Paris, Milan, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Frankfurt. She also regularly travelled to countries such as Turkey, India, China, South Africa and West Africa to carry out production inspections and train employees.

By 2008, Claudia Hagn had designed and technically developed her own brand worlds. From then on, she focused even more intensively on marketing, branding and sales, as the effort and costs she incurred for the brand and patent rights were to be amortised quickly. In addition to the textile designers she already employed, she involved graphic designers, PR managers and programmers in her company in order to set up her own internal marketing agency. She also took photography courses and set up her own photo studio. Her company now had 14 employees, either freelancers or permanent staff. 

Thanks to her professionalism and great commitment, she succeeded in getting Otto Versand to include the "Created in Hell" collection in its catalogue. Other well-known wholesalers and retailers in Germany, Austria and Holland followed suit and added the collection to their product ranges. These successes were decisive for subsequent marketing.

She needed an established licencee to handle the logistics of delivering the goods. She quickly found one, as she eventually made the leap into the Otto catalogue on her own - which is not normally easy.  Within a short space of time, she managed to get Essenza Home to produce the goods under Claudia Hagn's brand name and supply them to retailers.

From 2010, even German television became aware of the designer and her profound collections, which were based on a metaphor she had written about life. As a result, she took part in a number of television programmes on various channels, where she regularly presented her work. 

Her own trade fair stand at Heimtex 2011, in the hall for well-known designer labels, rounded off her marketing. In this way, journalists from New York became aware of her work. An article about it followed in New York Home Textile magazine. (This will be published later in the blog section)

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in textile development, marketing, branding and sales, she was finally offered the job of General Manager Europe Sales at the Indian group Welspun Global Brands in 2015. She prevailed over 14 male applicants as her qualifications were the best. She left her previous company as she wanted to develop further.

Claudia Hagn carried out this task for 2 years. She left the company in 2017 for personal reasons.  

At the end of 2018, she started her own business again: Textile-Concepts, an office for textile design, jacquard technology and sourcing that combines all her professional skills. After all, textiles are in her DNA.


However, as the industry increasingly requires support in marketing & sales and this area is now Claudia Hagn's focus, she founded a new marketing agency at the end of Corona:

Claudia Hagn has been working successfully in the textile industry since the 1990s and has relevant marketing experience in the following areas:


  • Marketing management

  • content management

  • sales management

  • Concept development

  • social media

  • Copywriting

  • graphic design

  • Brochure and book design

  • Logo development

  • Layout design

  • Image editing

  • Photo and film

  • Trade fair planning

  • presentations

  • Press and media work

  • Website design and website programming in Wix

  • SEO optimisation

  • Media presence

  • and much more.

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